SA Hunting

Zebra (Burchells)


Average Mass 290 kg
Distribution Zebras occur principally in the northern and eastern parts of southern Africa but have been widely reintroduced.
Habitat Zebras graze mainly in open, short-grass savanna. They can tolerate somewhat tall grass and sparsely wooded conditions, however, which gives them a greater geographical range than many of the other African grazing animals.
Food Zebras are grazers, eating over 50 different species of grasses. They also occasionally browse, taking herbs, leaves, and twigs. They particularly prefer new growth of grasses, such as is found after a burn.
Recommended Minimum Caliber .30-06, preferably something bigger, .300 Mag, .338 or even .375H&H
Bullets 165gr core bonded bullet or Barnes-X
Hunting Tips Herds have a strict hierarchy among females and juveniles, and when moving will often do so in single file – the most senior at the front.
Thick skinned, very tough.
Zebras posses good eyesight.