SA Hunting


Average Mass 70 kg (Male)
60 kg (Female)
Rowland Ward Minimum Measurement 13”
Record Measurement 24”
Distribution Warthog occur principally in the northern and eastern parts of southern Africa but have been widely reintroduced.
Habitat Warthogs are found in open and wooded savannas, grass-steppes, and semi-deserts in Africa. Warthogs prefer open areas and avoid rainforest and severe desert. Common warthogs often utilize formerly wooded areas that have been cleared for pastures.
Food Warthogs are primarily grazers but also feed on roots, berries, bark of young trees, and occasionally carrion. They are specialized for grazing short grasses by being able to lower themselves onto their front knees, which are calloused and padded. Warthogs use their snouts and tusks to excavate rhizomes and bulbs. Rhizomes and bulbs may also provide water for warthogs during periods of drought. Will drink water daily when available.
Recommended Minimum Caliber 7×57
Bullets 170gr core bonded bullet
Hunting Tips While both sexes have tusks only the male has a second set of “warts” below the eye.
Tough animal for its size. Do not shoot too high on shoulder