SA Hunting


Average Mass 41 kg (ram)
37 kg (ewe)
Rowland Ward Minimum Measurement 14″
Record Measurement 19 3/8″
Distribution More arid western areas of subregion and into Angola. Springbok have been introduced to many game farms across South Africa.
Habitat Open, arid plains. Surface water not essential.
Food Grass and browse; will dig for roots and bulbs.
Recommended Minimum Caliber .243 Win/ .25-06 or.270 Win
Bullets Any expanding bullet 0f 100gr for .243 and 130gr for .270
Hunting Tips Horns with thicker bosses which protrude 4″ or more above the ears, are straight for about 2″ above the head and curl out to touch the tips of the ears, offer good trophy scores.
Springbok are normally shot at long distances so a fast flat shooting calibre rifle is required.They have very good eyesight.