SA Hunting

Kudu / Nyala

Average Mass Kudu
250 kg (Bull)
180 kg (Cow)
180 kg (Bull)
62 kg (Cow)
Rowland Ward Minimum Measurement Kudu
53 7/8”
Record Measurement Kudu
73 7/8”
32 7/8″
Distribution Kudu
Kudu occur principally in the northern and eastern parts of southern Africa
Occurs mainly in the the north-eastern parts of southern Africa but has been introduced to many game farms in South Africa.
Habitat Kudu
The Kudu is an antelope of wooded savanna. In many areas it shows a preference for acacia woodland and rocky hill country.
Restricted to dry savanna woodland and along watercourses. It may be seen grazing in open areas adjacent to bush or tree cover.
Food Kudu
Predominantly a browser, it does occasionally graze. It eats a wider variety of browse than any other of our local antelope eating fruit, seed pods, melons and young grass shoots. Fairly dependent on water.
Principally a browser, eating from wide variety of plants. Fresh grass taken during rains.
Recommended Minimum Caliber Kudu
.30-06, preferably something bigger, .300 Mag, .338 or even .375H&H
Bullets Kudu
165gr core bonded bullet or Barnes-X
150gr expanding bullet
Hunting Tips Kudu
Horn tips pointing back usually indicate a young adult. Mature bulls have tips which point up or out.
Fairly thick skinned. Bulls are huge and require a good bullet. When hunted in mountainous areas, where long shots are the order, a .300 Magnum is a good choice.
Kudu are shy and are most adept at concealment, remaining motionless for long periods when suspicious.When stalking, walk slowly and for short distances, stopping to glass the area carefully.
Thin skinned. Not very tough animal but old bulls are quite heavy. Normally shot at short ranges