SA Hunting

Impala / Bushbuck / Reedbuck

Average Mass Impala – 65 kg
Bushbuck – 45 kg
Reedbuck – 60 – 70 kg
Rowland Ward Minimum Measurement Impala – 23 5/8”
Bushbuck – 15″
Reedbuck – 14″
Record Measurement Impala – 30 7/8”
Bushbuck – 21 3/8″
Reedbuck – 19 1/4″
Distribution Impala:
Impala are found throughout Kwazulu-Natal
Southern coastal belt and east and north parts of subregion.
Reedbuck has patchy distribution dictated by availability of suitable habitat. Restricted to east and north subregion.
Habitat Impala:
Open woodland with sufficient water – especially thorn- and mopaniveld; also found in more dense woodland such as that along rivers and on the edge of woodland and grassveld or floodplains. Dependent on water
Riverine woodland and bush associated with water, from coastal dune bush to montane forest.
Requires tall-grass areas and reed-beds as well as permanent water. It avoids bush areas.
Food Impala:
Leaves and grass. Drinks water daily when available.
Predominantly browsers but will take grass. May damage young trees in forestry plantations or agricultural crops.
Reedbuck are predominantly grazers but do take to browse on occasion.
Recommended Minimum Caliber Impala:
.257 Roberts, .25-06, 7×57 or .308 with heavy bullets is preferable.
7 x 57
Bullets Impala:
Any quality brand moderate to high ballistic coefficient bullet of partition, bonded core or expanding design will be effective on Impala
150gr expanding bullet
Any expanding bullet
Hunting Tips Impala:
When horn tip is vertical the animal is fully matured.
Thin skinned, normally hunted in bushveld at short ranges, use heavy, slow bullets to minimize meat damage when body shots are taken.
Thin skinned. Tough animal and dangerous when wounded. Take care, place bullet accurately.
Thin skinned.