SA Hunting

Hartebeest / Tsessebe

Average Mass Red Hartebeest – 150 kg
Tsessebe – 140 kg
Rowland Ward Minimum Measurement Red Hartebeest – 23″
Tsessebe – 15″
Record Measurement Red Hartebeest – 29 1/2″
Tsessebe – 18 1/2″
Distribution Red Hartebeest:
Now restricted to arid western parts of subregion but formerly as far as Cape Town. Reintroduced widely within former range.
Occurs patchily in north and north-eastern areas of subregion.
Habitat Red Hartebeest:
Open savanna country, but also open woodland. Will drink regularly although capable of going for long periods without water
Open savanna woodland with adjacent grassland and surface water.
Food Red Hartebeest:
Mainly grasses but also browses.
Recommended Minimum Caliber .270 Win
Bullets 130 gr expanding bullet
Hunting Tips Hunting Tip: Observation is important to accurately distinguish between males and females especially where vegetation obscures penis ‘button’ or scrotum. Males often have mud caked on their horns and forehead from ground-horning.
Not tough, however good shot placement is vital as long shots are normally required.