SA Hunting

Duiker / Steenbok / Suni

Average Mass Suni – 5 kg
Steenbok – 14 kg
Red Duiker – 13 kg
Common Duiker – 16 kg
Rowland Ward Minimum Measurement Suni – 2 1/8″
Steenbok – 4 1/2″
Red Duiker – 2 1/2″
Common Duiker – 4 1/2″
Record Measurement Suni – 4″
Steenbok – 7 1/2″
Red Duiker – 4 1/8″
Common Duiker – 7 1/8″
Distribution Suni:
Widespread in Mozambique but only occurs marginally in nothern Natal/Zululand and in south-east and north-east Zimbabwe.
Widespread in southern Africa
Red Duiker:
Occurs along the eastern coastal plain with an isolated population in the Soutpansberg Mountains.
Common Duiker:
Found throughout southern Africa.
Habitat Suni:
Dry thickets and reverine woodland with dense underbrush.
Open country but some cover required. In arid areas inhabit dry river-bed associations.
Red Duiker:
Forest and dense woodland with permanent water.
Common Duiker:
Wide range of habitat but prefers scrub and bush-covered country.
Food Suni:
Pricipally browse, but will take a wide range of plant food.
Mixed feeders taking grasses, browse, seed podsand fruit.Dig for roots and bulbs with front hoofs.
Red Duiker:
They are browsers, taking leaves, shoots, fruits and berries.
Common Duiker:
Wide variety of browse species, also agricultural crops.
Recommended Minimum Caliber .243 / 6mm
Bullets Any expanding bullet
Hunting Tips Thin skinned. Can use solids when shooting it with big bore, .375 etc