SA Hunting

Blue Wildebeest

Average Mass 250 kg (Male)
180 kg (Female)
Rowland Ward Minimum Measurement 28 ½”
Record Measurement 36”
Distribution Blue Wildebeest are largely restricted to the northern areas of Southern Africa but it has been introduced widely to reserves and game farms further south.
Habitat Blue Wildebeest thrive in areas that are neither too wet nor too dry. They can be found in places that vary from overgrazed areas with dense bush to open woodland floodplains. Wildebeests prefer the bushlands and grasslands of the southern savanna
Food Blue Wildebeest are essentially grazers, showing preference for short green grass
Recommended Minimum Caliber 30-06, preferably something bigger, .300 Mag, .338 or even .375H&H
Bullets 165gr Core bonded bullet or monolithic/ Barnes-X
Hunting Tips When shot and not downed, a wounded animal will often circle round, leading the hunter back almost to the original point where first shot.
Fairly Thick skinned, tough for size, take care not to shoot too high on shoulder. In open country a .300 Mag works well