SA Hunting


Average Mass 70 kg
Rowland Ward Minimum Measurement 16 1/2”
Record Measurement 20 5/8”
Distribution Although mainly found throughout the Freestate, Gauteng and the Eastern Cape, the Blesbok has been introduced to some farms in KZN
Habitat Prefers open grassland. Dependent on water.
Food Grasses but will browse occasionally. Drinks water regularly.
Recommended Minimum Caliber .243 Win, .25-06 or .270 Caliber and upwards
Bullets Any expanding design bullet of 100gr for .243 and 130gr for .270 will be effective on Blesbok
Hunting Tips Male horns noticibly thicker and when viewed front-on appear light in colour (this is due to lighter colouration of the ridges).
A .243 Win is adequate but requires good shot placement. Usually hunted in open terrain where long shots are often the order. Can be stalked successfully and taken under 100m in suitable terrain – then a 7×57 or .308-class caliber is OK